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927 Fairmont Avenue


Eric Zadzilka was elected North Tonawanda Third Ward Alderman in November,2009. He resides at 927 Fairmont Avenue with his wife Tammie and two sons, Brandon and Jared. Mr. Zadzilka is a licensed healthcare professional in the field on ophthalmology with 20 year’s experience and is also a martial arts instructor.


During Alderman Zadzilka’s first year in office he has been very active both within city government and in the community. Zadzilka worked with residents of the Third Ward to re-establish the neighborhood watch program. He also took the lead for residents in the Ruie / Forbes ave area in the B-Cozy motel issues. Alderman Zadzilka coordinated the efforts of city, county and state representatives to keep the criminal element out of North Tonawanda. Eric fulfilled his pledge to the residents of the Third Ward to be their closest and easiest point of contact for any residential or government matter.


Alderman Zadzilka serves as the council liaison to both the Public Safety and Public Works committees. He has taken the lead in tackling the issue with the NT Police Departments antiquated dispatch network and the estimated $500,000 price tag to bring it back in compliance. He is currently working with city and county representatives to move this function to the state of the art county dispatch center; avoiding the half million dollar upgrade cost and another $450,000 in annual personnel costs. While current events in the Public Works department are disappointing, Alderman Zadzilka took a leadership role in the selection of the new Public Works Commissioner who will restore much needed professionalism to our city. He also has assisted the PMTF in fighting blight in this city through his role on the NT Council.


Alderman Zadzilka appreciates the frustrations the residents of North Tonawanda have at times with City government. His pledge to you in 2011 is that he will “continue to make the tough decisions necessary to help right side the Third Ward, our City, our budget and our future. In the long run it will put us on the path towards the city we all want North Tonawanda to be”. If you are a Third Ward resident and you are having an issue please feel free to contact Eric Zadzilka at or at 695-9599. 


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