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96-9                     VEHICLE AND TRAFFIC                      96-11


Night Parking [Adopted 2-3-1964 ]

96-9. Restrictions stated. [Amended 12-2-1986 ; 11-7-1990 ; 10-20-1998; 6-7-16 ]

      No automobile or other motor vehicle shall be parked or allowed to stand in and upon any of the streets, highways or public places of this city for more than 15 minutes continuously between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. beginning November 1 of each year and ending April 1 of the next succeeding year.

96-10. Removal of vehicles; costs.

    The police may remove any vehicle parked or allowed to stand in violation of 96-9 above, may store the same, and the owner or operator of said vehicle shall be liable for the payment of reasonable charges for such removal and storage, in addition to any penalty imposed under 96-11 hereafter.

96-11. Violations and penalties. [Amended 2-18-1986 ; 10-2-1990 ]

    Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate the provisions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to a fine not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.) for a first offense, and not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.) for a second or subsequent offenses, all of which were committed within a period of eighteen (18) months.


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