City Hall

216 Payne Avenue

(716) 695-8000


North Tonawanda City Hall, c. 1947

City Hall at Payne Avenue and Brauer Park was constructed in 1929 at a cost of $200,000. It occupies the site of the infamous "gravel pit" that led to the separation of the Village of Tonawanda into two areas: one north of the canal and another south of the canal that eventually became the Cities of North Tonawanda and Tonawanda.


North Tonawanda City Hall, c. 1926

City Hall was originally located at the corner of Main and Tremont Streets in a building that also housed the Police Department and the YMCA. The First United Methodist Church, constructed in 1880 on land donated by Colonel John Sweeney, has been a prominent landmark in the downtown area since that time. The three automobiles are a 1924 Dodge Coupe (Chief Ryan's car), a 1920's Dodge patrol wagon, and a 1926 Model "T" Ford.


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